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LG Innotek develops new high-efficiency ferrite with lowest power loss
Hyundai Steel builds hydrogen production facility using by-product gas
​Jeju Island to ban registration of all internal combustion engine vehicles in 2030
Reading becomes popular hobby in S. Korea amid COVID-19 pandemic: market data
New non-selective herbicide from S. Korea secures U.S. agency registration
State body urges intensive investment to promote growth of S. Korean bio-health industry
S. Korean direct selling company Atomy emphasizes importance of non-contact marketing
Researchers develop hybrid farming technique to use idle land under solar power panels
Daewoos ammonia-powered container ship wins Lloyds basic certification
[INTERVIEW] Developers vow to set up hub of hydrogen economy on reclaimed land
Offline banking services see fast decrease in S. Korea due to easy fintech services
State researchers embark on development of biodegradable stent for digestive systems
KEPCOs board endorses investment in Vietnams coal-fired power plant project
Convenience store franchise CU starts on-foot grocery delivery service
Woowa provide jobs for middle-aged workers to support local communities
State gas company selected for state project to establish LNG bunkering
Ammonia-powered tanker from Samsung Heavy acquires Lloyds basic certification
LS Cable commercializes telecom cables using carbon fiber
S. Korea approves demonstration of wireless charging for running electric buses
HMM opens fleet control center for efficient operation of smart ships