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Pandemic and teleworking boost exports of computers and related equipment
Hyundai Oilbank vows to go ahead with HPC project despite pandemic
Hyundai Elevator partners with Woowa to commercialize system linking elevators and robo
Yuhan-Kimberly makes foray into adult cosmetics market with anti-pollution skin care brand
SKC ready for mass production of key material for chip production
Institut Pasteur Korea embarks on development of tapeworm medication for COVID-19 treatment
Hyundai shipyard applies autonomous sailing technology to bulk carrier
Oil refining industry welcomes three-month grace period in government levies
Transport ministry exceptionally exempts regulation to nurture innovative taxi-hailing services
Baedal Minjoks commission raise triggers fierce discussion on S. Korean online communities
Small business owners criticize food delivery service Baedal Minjok for raising commission
[FOCUS] Doosans credit crisis raises new debate over dismantlement of nuclear power plants
SKC Solmics approves investment to build semiconductor cleaning plant in China
Samsung Heavy applies eco-friendly water-soluble paint to LNG carrier
LS Cable commercializes recyclable environmentally friendly power distribution cable
​Hyundai Department Store and IKEA collaborate to open first store in Seoul next month
State bank describes bailout for Doosan Heavy as inevitable choice
SKC starts prototype production of key material for semiconductor chips
​S. Korean cosmetics company releases long-lasting products for consumers wearing face masks
S. Korean bakery giant partners with US company to release vegan egg product