Researchers localize production of oak barrels for liquor aging with native trees
LIG Nex1 ties up with state researchers to develop technology related to drones and PAVs
Business alliance formed to introduce addressable TV ads in S. Korea
S. Korean company develops paint capable of preventing spread of COVID-19 virus and microorganisms
Automatic teller machines undergo inevitable transformation due to mobile banking
Amore Pacific invests $2.7mln in beauty content creator firm to attract young consumers
Researchers demonstrate roll-to-roll manufacturing of flexible perovskite solar cells
GS retail and KT co-develop digital logistics business models using AI and big data
Viola verecunda extracts to be used for functional hair-growth cosmetics
Korean Air takes risky option to take over debt-stricken domestic rival Asiana
Amazon agrees to sell products thru SK Telecoms e-commerce shopping website
Research center built in Ulsan to commercialize seawater battery products
  Hanwha Q Cells selected to build 41 MW floating solar power plant in dam
​S. Korean cosmetics maker develops paper packaging for beauty products
S. Korean researchers develop simulator for tunnel boring machine
Doosan Fuel Cell partners with shipping company Navig8 to demonstrate fuel cell-powered ship
Cosmetics maker Aekyung opens online flagship store in Chinas Tmall
Hyundai Rotem secures order to build transport facilities for Ford
Tata Steel Europe teams up with POSCO to present hyperloop steel and solutions
[FOCUS] Fresh meat vending machine captures hearts of midnight gourmets