Cusco works with S, Korean state company for smart city on Peruvian airport site
K-Water works with state research institute to localize key water turbine part
[FOCUS] Naver secures influential partner to strengthen competitiveness in content and logistics
Naver strengthens partnership with CJ Group units through share acquisition
Samsung shipyard embarks on designing technology for floating offshore wind turbine floater
SK Telecom develops technology to recycle plastic communication antenna enclosure
POSCO E&C wins deal to build waste incineration plant in Poland
Hugels botox product approved for sale in China
Kakao issues $300 mln bond in Singapore to secure M&A funds
SK E&C partners with US platform firm Veea to co-develop smart safety platform technology
Disneys StudioLAB agrees to use LG Displays OLED as display for filmmakers
Seoul subway operator to test electric scooter charging near stations
SK hynix defends deal with Intel as bold decision to secure firm position in NAND market
 SK hynix acquires Intels NAND memory and storage businesses for $9 bln
Doosan Fuel Cells board approves investment in solid oxide fuel cell facilities
Self-sailing boat makes successful test voyage near Samsung shipyard
S. Korea to tighten regulations on direct online buying of foreign products
LG Chem develops world’s first biodegradable new material for mass production in 2025
LG Electronics makes foray into live commerce market with kitchen appliances
KEPCO works with Simens to predict performance degradation of gas turbine compressors