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Ransomware hacker wins $1.1 million in war against S. Korean web hosting company
S. Korean scientists invent wet-tolerant adhesive patch inspired by Octopi
S. Koreas pollution-monitoring satellite to be launched in 2019
Chinas Xiaomi launches official Korean web page
S. Korea to mass-produce first home-made anti-tank guided missile
S. Korea develops Betavoltaic battery with 50-year lifespan
SK Innovation discloses $8.9 bln investment in battery and chemicals
Samsung to live stream UFC main event in VR
Global 5G network users to reach 400 million in 2022: researcher
Samsungs new high-end PC mocked for ridiculously high price
S. Korea turns to Israeli contractor for KF-X jet radar: Yonhap
Samsung to introduce worlds first stretchable display
Googles AI assistant to speak and understand Korean later this year
Experts track clues for N. Koreas involvement in global ransomware attack
Lotte becomes first to use palm vein patterns for payment in store
Fear of ransomware attacks spreads in S. Korea
S. Korea to ship artificial sun reactor parts for international project in France
First 3D printing fashion show to be held in S. Korea
LG declares war on sellers of fake Bluetooth headsets
Internet-connected home devices infected with malware: Kaspersky