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Lotte becomes first to use palm vein patterns for payment in store
Fear of ransomware attacks spreads in S. Korea
S. Korea to ship artificial sun reactor parts for international project in France
First 3D printing fashion show to be held in S. Korea
LG declares war on sellers of fake Bluetooth headsets
Internet-connected home devices infected with malware: Kaspersky
N. Korean hackers suspected of hijacking some $100 mln from banks: Symantec
Seoul opens big data research center to solve urban problems
 S. Korean scientists develop new lithium-oxygen battery: Yonhap
S. Koreas first online bank launches service targeting young smartphone users
LG files first smartphone patent suit against US firm
Security loopholes in S. Koreas IoT security on the surge
S. Korea beings commercial production of crab-like seabed exploring machine
S. Korean scientists succeed in weaving thread-like memory material
S. Korea government sponsors $2.5 mil. contest to establish data for AI
S. Korean search giant considers establishing AI lab in Silicon Valley
S. Korean search giant unveils new web browser Whale
KT demonstrates S. Koreas first autonomous bus and delivery drone
Google unsure when LGs new smartphone will have Korean AI assistant
Portal service Naver to cooperate with Sony to develop AI tech