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Samsung releases special app for QLED TV to support color blind people
Samsung acquires domestic AI chatbot startup Fluenty
LG Innotek develops Deep UV capable of emitting strong sterilization ultraviolet light
Samsung develops graphene ball battery with shorter charging time.
Navers AI considers users age in online search of dining places
Self-driving boat for multi-purpose use stages successful test voyage
Samsungs AI assistant provides Chinese language support
LG releases AI speaker equipped with Navers AI brain
Messenger App to provide message retrieval service
S, Korean doctors to treat panic disorder patients with VR technology
Samsung to release mixed reality headset at home next week
S. Korea launches pilot project for in-vehicle payment system
[INTERVIEW] Government role in leading Big Data industry
S. Koreas financial industry benchmarks Britains fintech knowhow
Man to test driving skills against AI autonomous vehicle
Apples iPhone X to be released in S. Korea on November 24
Maker of popular Lineage game franchise unveils glimpse at next-gen game
Google refutes alleged tax evasion in S. Korea
Dozens of people investigated for hacking 1,600 private webcams
Sony revives Aibo, robot dog featuring AI