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Researchers synthesize wearable sensing fibers cable of detecting nitrogen dioxide
 5G and unmanned cranes will be combined for smart port operation
Researchers use superconductor to make egg stand up and levitate
Huawei establishes 5G business ties with three promising tech firms in S. Korea
LGU+ partners with Hyundai Movex to develop 5G-based valet parking robot
​LG Electronics releases premium all-in-one air conditioner in S. Korea struck by heat wave
UCLA roboticist joins hands with S. Korean food tech firm to develop cooking robots
Food delivery service opens smart restaurant baked by self-driving robot
Samsung begins mass production of first 12Gb mobile DRAM for high-end 5G smartphones
LGU+ partners with Finnish company to provide 5G roaming service
SK Broadband develops super-fast modem technology for hybrid cable IPTV networks
LG CNS partners with food distributor to safely manage agricultural product supply chain
​SK Telecom adds step-by-step cooking guide feature to AI voice assistant NUGU
LGU+ jumps into cloud virtual reality game market based on 5G network
SK Telecom develops quantum cryptography key-switching technology
S. Korean airports to adopt biometric authentication in boarding process
Kakao partners with LG and Netmarble to launch blockchain transaction network
Naver reveals plan to create AI-based high-precision map of Seoul for autonomous vehicles
SK Telecom and Deutsche Telecom agree to set up joint venture for 5G technology
LG Electronics and SK Telecom agree to develop 5G robot technology