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LG changes strategy to target global budget and premium phone markets
S. Korean food delivery giant tests self-driving robot at food court
LG CNS builds solar power plant on abandoned golf course in Japan
S. Korean supreme court recognizes financial value of virtual money
Hyundai Heavy and Naver forge alliance to develop autonomous service robot
Navers research unit and Mando to co-develop self-driving technologies
Transport ministry launches  projects to develop self-driving buses and trucks
KT develops blockchain-based international roaming transaction technology
SK Telecom forms map alliance with partners China, Europe and Japan
U.S. technology firm Oracle to set up IT system for S. Korean shipper
[INTERVIEW] Expert gives gloomy forecast on S. Koreas AI industry
​LGs IT wing launches blockchain service for corporate businesses
KT partners with autonomous solution company to create smart bus
​LG unveils prices for new G7 smartphone series
​Samsung introduces high-power LED optimized for horticulture lighting
Japanese AI robot helps consumers choose beer at E-mart store
Security alert against malicious crypto-mining codes hidden inside adult games
Kia to promote Stinger through Facebook Messengers augmented reality feature
LG seeks to win over consumers with sincerity of boy group BTS
S. Korean consumers show mixed reaction to LG new smartphone