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Researchers develop high-performance thermoelectric module using rare mineral
LGs home appliances support Google and Amazons AI assistant
Food tech startups recruit investors to develop blockchain platform
KT announces plans to develop 5G platform for autonomous vehicles
Jeju island uses drones to spot smoking and illegal activities in national park
Seoul to build soundproof motorway tunnel using solar panels
​S. Korean consumers express curiosity toward autonomous shopping cart
Cryptocurrency exchange operator Coinone opens branch in Indonesia
Internet watchdog to alert parents against children browsing harmful contents
Researchers succeed in sending quantum encrypted information over 100m distance
Pohang to adopt smart earthquake response system
S. Korea to develop traffic signal control system for emergency and autonomous vehicles
Cryptocurrency executives arrested under charges of fraud and embezzlement
Cryptocurrency exchanges reap huge profits: Yonhap
​State watchdog to investigate social media over legitimacy of personal information collecting
Samsung Electronics wins U.S. patent for drones: Yonhap
​Shinsegae heir unveils worlds first self-driving smart shopping cart
Naver to set up first overseas AI lab in Hong Kong
S. Korean cosmetics firm introduces AI-based virtual powder room
Kakao vows to acquire foreign contents firms, develop blockchain platform