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Search giant Naver uses AI in filtering explicit online images
Internet-only kakaobank hoards 300,000 users on first day of service
Web service giant Kakao launches online banking service
S. Korea increases investment in 3D printing test project
S. Korea plans commercialization of semi-autonomous cars by 2020
Samsung adds PayPal to online and mobile payment method
KT and LGU+ join hands to create worlds first commercial cellular IoT network
SK Telecom successfully tests ultra-fast data speed on LTE network
Samsung introduces worlds first LED cinema screen with Harman speakers
S. Korean security firm warns of fake ransomware
Public research university KAIST to host AI world cup among students
Epic Games aims to expand base in VR market by helping developers
Naver starts test service for AI-based image search
S. Korean drones seek way out of dominance by Chinese rivals
VR expreience captures minds of spectators at VR SUMMIT
Researchers develop transparent solar cell with worlds top generating capability
S. Korea portal NAVER acquires France-based research center of Xerox
Ransomware hacker wins $1.1 million in war against S. Korean web hosting company
S. Korean scientists invent wet-tolerant adhesive patch inspired by Octopi
S. Koreas pollution-monitoring satellite to be launched in 2019