Samsung aims to develop image sensor capable of capturing more detail than human eye
​S. Korean hospital develops location information-based solution to track patient movement
S. Korea approves worlds first medical device for blood pressure app
S. Korea completes key sector for ITER vacuum container for fusion reactions
Maritime ministry to develop electric coastal car ferry ship to reduce carbon emission
State research institute develops system to help hearing-impaired to feel sound through tactile sensation
Samsung demonstrates industrys fastest 8.5 Gbps 5G speed
Delivery service app to deploy free serving robots at 50 restaurants
Naver introduces accurate and smart voice recognition technology
KT selected as operator of state agencys test quantum cryptography network
Nexons mobile VR game Crazyworld VR is ready for service
Shinhan Card rolls out simple payment service recognizing customers face
Avatars sign official business agreement in KTs virtual meeting room
Research institute partners with DACC Carbon to localize ceramic fibers
Researchers develop face correction system with new AI chip for mobile devices
Researchers develop flexible, stretchable sensors capable of detecting changes in body posture
SK Telecom steps up cooperation with Microsoft in 5G mobile edge computing
KT uses AI technology to provide realistic voice for hearing-impaired mother
[Coronavirus] Conversation with AI speakers on the rise due to epidemic
Nexon founder launches fintech platform company