S. Korea to build facility for secondary battery testing and pilot production
[INTERVIEW] Navers freeware web browser aims to provide open education platform
SK C&C unveils AI solution for factory quality control, water quality management
Daejeon City adopts AI-based civil service kiosk capable of recognizing sign languages
LIG Nex1 ties up with research university to secure quantum defense capabilities
Quantum-resistant cryptography technology applied to medical information system
Advanced maritime navigation service makes debut for safe sailing in S. Korea
Hanmi Global ties up with SK C&C to develop business platform for digital transformation
Kimchi refrigerator maker develops portable ultra-low temperature freezer for vaccines
KT launches trial service for 5G commercial network based on standlone stardards
LG Uplus joins project to upgrade 5G-based user location tracking system
SK C&C partners with domestic blockchain company to interlink services
Researchers use AI to localize technology for face recognition system
Researchers develop anti-cancer material with striped beakfishs genetic information
Samsungs low-power OLED technology applied to new flagship smartphon
Digital supermodel Shudu to collaborate with virtual social media influencer in S. Korea
Hyundai tests autonomous robot assistant in Seoul showroom
KT unveils app for collecting COVID-19 research data
Sampyo adopts full smart factory system for construction material production
State researchers develop heavy-duty rescue machine equipped with robot arms