Hyundai Pharm partners with AI-based drug development company
S. Korea to develop technologies for efficient recycling of discarded batteries
Samsung to release Galaxy SmartTag tracker for keys and pets
Samsung showcases new Galaxy S21 smartphone models
Southern city launches joint research project to develop heavy-duty flying taxi drone
Coastguard establishes new dedicated department for operation of drones
Seoul district adopts AI-based recycling robot to sort cans and plastic bottles
[CES 2021] AI-based healthcare solution developed by S. Korean startup wins CES innovation award
[CES 2021] Mando introduces future vehicle solutions for maximized driving experience
[CES 2021] ​Samsung unveils new powerful mobile application processor chip
​[CES 2021] CES participants take different approach to business meetings using non-face-to-face methods
[CES 2021] Samsung introduces housekeeper robots at CES 2021
[CES 2021] LG introduces virtual human Reah Keem at CES 2021
[CES 2021] Samsung hints at new collaboration with K-pop wonder BTS
[CES 2021] Some 120 S. Korean startups to participate in CES 2021
[CES 2021] Number of Chinese tech companies participating in CES drop 85% in 2021
[CES 2021] Tech companies to introduce sustainable corporate management strategy at CES
LG Electronics virtual woman makes international debut as presenter at CES
Doosan Bobcat signs investment deal with U.S. autonomous solution company Ainstein
Gwangju City partners with local firm to develop AI robot matchmaker