Hybrid power generation technology linked to energy storage system developed in S. Korea
Researchers develop quick and cheap cardiovascular disorder detection system
KT moves closer to true 5G service with core network capable of accommodating standalone technology
Hospital adopts wearable robot for rehabilitation of kids with walking disorder
Researchers unveil AI robot bicycle for competition at Cybathlon
SK Telecom tests simple AI-based dementia detection technology
SK Telecom changes old TV masterpieces into full high definition
​SK Broadband wins contract to establish national backbone network
LG deploys autonomous serving robots to medical centers to carry specimens
Lottes megastore franchise beefs up delivery capability thru specialized distribution center
Samsungs artificial human project embraces CJ group unit as business partner
Autonomous serving robots draw positive feedback from restaurants
Robot tech institute opens demonstration center for agricultural robot technologies
Chinas Huawei hopes to expand position in S. Korean AI market
Fried chicken franchise KFC partners with Hyundai Robotics to develop robot chefs
[INTERVIEW] ERP expert sets eye on Asian countries as long-term growth strategy
Smart devices developed for S. Korean female divers to prevent safety accidents,
Busan port operator to nurture startups for development of port technology
LGs first rollable TV on sale for S. Korean consumers
         SK Telecoms virtual space enables avatar conference and performance