LGU+ jumps into cloud virtual reality game market based on 5G network
Samsung to unveil Galaxy Note 10 for first time in New York next month
SK Telecom and Samsung complete interoperability assessment between 5G SA Core and other commercial network systems
SK Telecom develops quantum cryptography key-switching technology
LGU+ locked in fight with competitors who is fast and good
S. Korean airports to adopt biometric authentication in boarding process
Kakao partners with LG and Netmarble to launch blockchain transaction network
SK hynix develops 128-layer 1 terabit TLC 4D NAND flash memory for first time
Nexons sale put on hold due to failed price negotiations: sources
LG Electronics works with Finlands Qt to produce better operating system for smart devices
Naver reveals plan to create AI-based high-precision map of Seoul for autonomous vehicles
LGU+ and PTC work together to develop 5G platform for remote analysis of tractor
SK Telecom and Deutsche Telecom agree to set up joint venture for 5G technology
LG Electronics and SK Telecom agree to develop 5G robot technology
Hancom partners with Chinas VSTECS to sell office software in Asia
Samsung Electronics applies for patent for rollable devices
SK Telecom demonstrates 5G-based smart office environment
​Financial authorities to allow smartphone banking apps for open banking service
S. Korea to develop precision map on highways this year for self-driving vehicles
KT makes aggressive investment in cloud service market dominated by foreign companies