KT to release big data-based commercial district analysis service for retail business operators
SK Telecom makes foray into AI semiconductor market with new chip
​Jeju Island selected to operate test field for autonomous vehicles
Fusion research tokamak sets new record in super-hot plasma
Researchers develop effective solid carbonation module to recycle industrial exhaust gas and byproducts
Researchers to develop AI-based early diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder
S. Korean energy company adopts robot assistant to increase productivity
Kakao selects subscription economy as new growth engine
​Hyundai E&C adopts AI-based disaster prediction system for construction sites
LG Upus tests container-based core equipment for standalone 5G network
KT joins hands with Naver to provide air quality information for upgraded weather forecast
Smart CCTV cameras used for AI-based parking lot-sharing service in Seoul
KT develops new technology for uninterrupted quantum cryptographic communication service
LG releases vacuum cleaner targeting households with pets
K-water develops AI-based system to detect pipe rupture
CJ OliveNetworks uses cutting-edge technologies for S. Koreas largest eSports stadium
Hancom MDS forges partnership with American self-driving tech company Coast Autonomous
S. Korean university to develop non-contact VR education content for dental hygienists
Samsung researchers present new method for wider use of holograms
LG Electronics deploys autonomous serving robots in resort near Seoul