S. Korean researchers develop new hole-transporting material for perovskite solar cells
Prototype of hydrogen forklift developed for commercial use in 2023
Seouls new transport transit center to establish hydrothermal energy system
Media arts using LGs transparent OLED panels appear in Seoul cafes
Movie star voices recreated to produce story narration for braille books
State power company partners with SK Telecom to prevent lonely death at single households
Autonomous robots appear at major express bus terminal to check body temperature
​Seoul districts software robot found to reduce time for handling complaints
​SK Telecom to develop 5G-based two-way interactive AI remote classroom service for students
Robot for short-distance indoor and outdoor food delivery to be tested this year in Seoul
LG Uplus demonstrates 5G-connected autonomous factory monitoring robot
LG Uplus works with Emerson to release industrial wireless communication gateway
​S. Korean medical center develops AI model to predict falling accidents
SK Telecom joins project to develop gas safety solution based on quantum sensing
​Samsung hints at new smartphone through online teaser video
Internet censorship body blocks access to website for digital punishment of crimes
Hankook Tire and SK Planet to jointly develop AI-based on-road hazard detection solution
Hanwha Systems joins state project to secure technology in quantum cryptography communication
Samsung Electro-Mechanics develops worlds smallest power inductor
Jeju Island succeeds in test flight of solar-powered UAV