LG Electronics works with LIG Nex1 to produce military drone motors
Genexine works with domestic company to develop antibody treatment
Hyundai E&C and Hyundai Robotics forge partnership to develop construction robot technology
KT use new technologies to develop digital platform for Mad for Garlic restaurant chain
SKT collaborates with state agency to upgrade management system using IoT technology
Researchers emulate spiders capturing strategy to fabricate ionic spiderweb
Meal beetle species larvae can be used for polystyrene decomposition
Viola verecunda extracts found to be effective in hair growth and hair loss control
Samsung predicts mass commercialization of 6G around 2030
KT ready to provide 5G network slicing solution to corporate customers
Researchers develop IoT gateway with reduced power consumption
Lottes home shopping channel introduces virtual fitting service
LG Uplus provides VR entertainment service for hotel vacationers
SK Telecom uses base stations to create earthquake monitoring network
Posco distributes smartwatches for safety of steel mill workers
Samsung to showcase new phablet Galaxy Note 20 thru online event in August
Busan to develop automatic accident avoid system for electric terminal tractor
Smart helmet and wearable exoskeleton robot introduced for emergency personnel
Samsung sells portable virus-killing UV sterilizer to disinfect smartphones
Drones and AI-based 3D virtual modeling system for safe dam management