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U.S. military tests new missile that is too fast to track
​KT cooperates with Japanese production agency in 5G-based media businesses
Russian strategic bombers violate S. Korea’s air defense zone
Samsung Electronics applies for patent for rollable devices
S. Korea designates ultra-high voltage cables as core national technology
Chinese leader demonstrates firm alliance with N. Korea ahead of G-20 meeting
SK Telecom demonstrates 5G-based smart office environment
Kia Motors strategic compact SUV Seltos makes debut in India
K-Pop rapidly becomes the face of South Korea in many countries
​Financial authorities to allow smartphone banking apps for open banking service
S. Korean defense chief apologizes for undetected border crossing by N. Korean fishermen
Xi leaves for N. Korea amid trade tensions with U.S.: Yonhap
Hyundai Glovis makes inroads into U.S. trucking industry
Red Velvets new album hits No. 1 on U.S. iTunes albums chart for first time as K-pop girl band
S. Korea offers to send 50,000 tons of rice to N. Korea through U.N. agency
Car parts subsidiary Myoung Shin agrees to take over GM plant in Gunsan
Hyundai to start receiving pre-orders for new compact SUV VENUE
​K-pop girl band MAMAOO to celebrate debut anniversary with fan meeting event
KEPCO selected as preferred bidder to build combined cycle power plants in Guam
S. Korea to develop precision map on highways this year for self-driving vehicles