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        S. Korean mobile carriers go ahead with 28GHz demonstration services
Research institute develops rapid nanoPCR device capable of testing COVID-19 in 17 minutes
Hanwha Systems selected for military project to test smartphone-based personal surveillance system
S. Korea earns $2.27 billion with exports of in-vitro diagnostic devices
Celebrity chef-tainer Baek Jong-won makes international debut thru Netflix
 Hanwha Solutions jumps into green energy project to produce hydrogen using wind power generation
SK Telecom applies popular navigation app to Google Android Auto
S. Korea reveals strategy to accelerate growth of white biotechnology industry
Posco aims to become top player in global secondary battery material market
Red Bull opens high-tech training center for LOL player Faker and colleagues
Big Hit artists to collaborate with late singer Shin Hae-chul using AI and hologram
S. Korean military introduces three types of attack drones for a pilot operation
SM C&C to release products created by K-pop celebrities thru Navers online marketplace
Rolls-Royces gas turbine selected for third batch of S. Korean frigates
Research institute to develop AI capable of detecting early stages of dementia using MRI data
Consortium led by Hanwha Energy selected for state project to build smart city in S. Korean port city
BTS rewarded with postponement of conscription for obligatory military service
S. Korea to build joint solar energy R&D center for technology development
SK Group joins government campaign to introduce hydrogen ecosystem
Woowa Brothers partners with state robot agency to establish guidelines for delivery robots