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CJ Cheiljedang acquires U.S. and German frozen food makers
Ban on coffee shop plastic cups leads to reduced paper cup use
S. Korea to increase government spending on welfare and defense in 2019
Samsung SDS introduces big-data based AI factory platform
7-Eleven store manned by robot equipped with palm vein scanner and AI
Researchers develop commercial level protonic fuel cell technology
Daewoo Electronics steps up cooperation with Turkish partner
Chinese firm debuts ice cream resembling N. Korean leader: Yonhap
S. Korea steps up quarantine against African swine fever virus
​K-pop band Girls Generation to comeback as unit group next month
​Police shut down 22 illegal adult websites in crackdown
Posco acquires mining rights to produce lithium in Argentina
LG Chem seek production of laptop battery with reduced cobalt by 2020
​​BTS invites fans to festival with new fusion genre of traditional Korean and African music
Daewoong Pharmaceutical chairman resigns for insulting employees
Hankook Tire unveils new tire optimized for electric vehicles
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[INTERVIEW] Oriental doctor confident of non-surgical spinal treatment
BTS to release special version of new song featuring Nicki Minaj
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