President Moon faces new challenge about whether to legalize abortion
Pilot project for well-dying bill launched to allow spontaneous euthanasia
Quarantine officers on alert to stop spread of red imported fire ants
Sanitary pads and diapers contain safe level of chemicals: state watchdog
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McDonalds head in S. Korea apologizes over hamburger disease cases
British firm suspected of seeking plant shutdown in S. Korea
Anger mounts among S. Korean women over tainted sanitary pads
Health officials dismiss any serious risks by insecticides
President Moon sparks argument over cage-free livestock farming
President Moon pledges sweeping reform in state health care program
 President Moon pushes for fast closure of  nuclear power plants
Scientists produce transgenic pig model for Alzheimers disease
Desperate new campaign to combat fresh bird flu outbreak in S. Korea
New bird flu case reported at chicken farm: Yonhap
No blackout reported after shutdown of old coal-fired thermal power plants
S. Korea opens river floodgates to reduce water pollution amid drought
Moon orders probe into controversial state project to streamline rivers
Bacteria from mustard leave kimchi found to suppress atopic dermatitis
Disturbing graphic images effective in discouraging smoking: data