Abstract painting sets S. Korean auction record at $5.7 mln
Bacteria from mustard leave kimchi found to suppress atopic dermatitis
New Succulent Trend is Nail Art
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Piano Goddess selected as honorary ambassador for S. Koreas Jeju island
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Killer whales spotted in waters near Korean peninsula: Yonhap
 Lotte Tower to open worlds third highest observation deck
Disturbing graphic images effective in discouraging smoking: data
Researchers build new lab for eco-friendly community based on energy from human excrement
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Law revised to ensure better protection of animal rights, bans dogfight
Doctors punished for posting certification picture on cadaver
At least 18 Eurasian black vultures found dead or paralyzed from poisoning
Hermes bags used for bribes in S. Korean corruption scandal: Yonhap
 Airlines to freeze fuel surcharge on tickets: Yonhap
S. Korea confirms fresh outbreak of foot-and-mouth animal disease