Mobile app makes commercial debut to check health status of prostate and bladder with sound analysis
Macrogen teams up with domestic rivals to participate in K-DNA big data project
S. Koreas drive-thru COVID-19 screening seeks approval as international standard
NHNs cooperative medical care software awaits deregulation
Real-time biometric signal monitoring system awaits technoloy transfer for commercial use
 CHA Biotech agrees to provide stem cells for atopic dermatitis treatment
40-year-old man becomes first volunteer to participate in COVID-19 vaccine test
Moons s New Deal masterplan calls for 18 smart hospitals by 2025
Genexines DNA vaccine candidate selected to get quick state support
LSK Global PS supports IVIs clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccine in S. Korea
Clinical trials to test ten treatment and two vaccine candidates in S. Korea
S. Korea eases tight regulations on use of propionic acid
Celltrion to begin clinical trial soon with candidate for antibody treatment
Daewoong seeks Philippine approval to test tapeworm treatment medicine
Daewoong tests camostat mesilate for treatment of COVID-19
Daewoong to stage clinical trials of COVID-19 treatment using stem cells
Telemedicine available for Koreans staying abroad in third quarter
French institute partners with island county for industrial and medical use of marine plants
Yuhan to co-develop and sell GI Innovations biologic for treatment of allergic diseases
Turkish company Ilko joins Genexines COVID-19 vaccine development