LIG Nex1 partners with Thales to upgrade operation mode of identification friend or foe equipment
Airbus presents C295 MPA as excellent solution for surveillance requirements in S. Korea
KAI, Airbus seek to find export market for S. Koreas Surion chopper
Korean Air teams up with Raytheon for military project to introduce surveillance aircraft
S. Korea unveils actual model of home-made KF-X fighter jet
S. Koreas navy retains hopes of having nuclear-powered submarine
Full development of N. Koreas new SRBMs requires additional flight tests: expert
Missile expert describes new SLBM as another step forward in pursuit of sea-based deterrent force
Kia releases rendered image of next-generation military bulletproof vehicle
KAIs unmanned helicopter makes successful maiden flight
​LIG Nex1 forges partnership with Seoul national University to develop insect-like recon robots
Experts skeptical about military project to use fiber laser weapon as drone killer
Hanwha competes with German rival to sell new infantry fighting vehicle in Australia
S, Korea unveils project to develop laser weapon for defense against drones
S. Korea endorses mass-production of Haegung intercept missiles for warships
New digitized version of 81-millimeter mortar debuts in S. Korea
S. Korea completes two-day military exercise around disputed islets
Washington endorses sale of 12 MH-60R helicopters to enhance S. Koreas anti-submarine capability
Korean Airs unmanned helicopter makes first test flight
Russian and Chinese warplanes suspected of making multi-purpose joint flight through air defense zone