S. Koreas military localizes slip-ring device for gun turrets
Trump welcomes decision to scale down U.S.-S. Korea military exercises
 Trump says S. Korea should pay U.S. more for defense: Yonhap
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Construction of new 3,000-ton sub with lithium-ion battery begins next year
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Defective French part blamed for causing Marine helicopter crash
KAI releases prototype of home-made light attack helicopter
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 Daewoo shipyard sings contract to build new submarine rescue ship
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S. Korea decides to buy two more Green Pine radars from Israel
S. Korean aircraft maker KAI to release prototype of home-made light attack helicopter
Koreas to connect cross-border road this week for excavation of war remains
N. Korea removed thousands of mines for excavation of war remains
[PHOTO NEWS] First A330 aerial refueling tanker aircraft arrives in S. Korea
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