Defense chief discloses initial plan to deactiviate ten DMZ guard posts
[FOCUS] S. Korea goes ahead with deployment of mid-tier missile shield
S. Koreas first 3,000-ton submarine to make its debut in September
 S. Koreas Navy launches project to research whether new landing ship can load stealth fighter jets
Black Beret chief leads reform of army intelligence command
S. Korea envisions gradual troop reduction and greater fire power
 U.S. plane leaves for N. Korea to carry remains: Yonhap
S. Korean defense ministry proposes pilot project to withdraw troops from DMZ
Army intelligence command accused of drawing concrete action plans for martial law
Military probe to see if technical faults caused helicopter crash
Five killed in crash of new military helicopter during test flight
Koreas restore military communication line using optical cables
Moon orders military to submit all document related to coup plan
U.S. and N. Korea to resume search for war remains: Yonhap
Defense minister forms special team to investigate alleged coup document
S. Korea suspends government training to spur inter-Korean rapprochement
S. Koreas first mine-clearing tank wins battle suit
S. Korea presents concrete timetable for home-made fighter jet project
Mattis says N. Korea ready to return remains of American troops: Yonhap
Koreas agree to speed up restoration of military communication lines