South Korea
[VOTE] Moon makes triumphant gesture as joint exit poll predicts overwhelming victory
[VOTE] Moon advocates realistic and independent foreign policy
[VOTE] Conglomerates certain to become target of economic reforms under Moon
[PROFILE] Moon inherits political creed of former liberal president
[VOTE] Exit poll predicts Moons election victory by big margin
S. Koreans voice high hopes for better tomorrow under new leader
[VOTE] S. Koreans cast ballots to pick new president after prolonged power vacuum
[PHOTO] Firefighting helicopter tries to suppress wildfire
[PHOTO] Trees burnt to ground by forest fire
One dies in emergency landing by fire-fighting helicopter
Opposition candidate Moon appeals for overwhelming support from voters
Top presidential candidate Moon pledges regular visit to theater or concert
Two-day early voting held for next weeks presidential election
[PHOTO] Students indulge in water bucket race
Six dead and 22 others injured in crane collision at Samsung shipyard
[Photo] Surfers met by strong wind
[Photo] Seoulites exit Seoul for Golden Holidays
38-year-old daughter arrested for counterfeiting fathers bills
Seoul rules out extra payment for operation of US missile shield
[PHOTO] School students try building model house