South Korea
[PHOTO] Preschool students learn how to take shelter from earthquake
[PHOTO] Preschool students learn how to put out fire
Bone fragments retrieved from Sewol ferry inspected to be animal origin
Bone fragments retrieved from Sewol ferrys transport ship
Nuclear reactor shut down manually due to coolant problem
Recovered ferry will be ready for transport to dock this week
State prosecutors seek arrest warrant for S. Koreas ousted leader Park
[GLOBAL PHOTO] Dogs rescued from meat farm
House resolution condemns Chinas retaliation against S. Korea: Yonhap
Online fury at video showing canine hotel employee beating dog
S. Korea reviews design to use lithium-ion fuel cells for new 3,000-ton attack subs
Sewol ferry raised above sea surface three years after it sank
Salvage workers lift sunken ferry by one meter from seabed in test operation
Remains of Chinese war dead repatriated amid row over US missile shield
Lost pistol recovered near ex-president Parks home
Expelled president Park released after overnight interrogation by prosecutors
Woman arrested for dumping newly-born baby into toilet bowl
Expelled president Park dragged into interrogation by prosecutors
 S. Korean embassy in China issues safety warning to football fans: Yonhap