South Korea
Voluntary fire team arrives at fire site with no water
Court warns of judgement by default for jailed ex-president
Parliament passes bill to designate August 14 as comfort women day
[FEATURE] Resurging popularity of vinyl LPs faces abrupt halt in S. Korea
Hundreds spend sleepless night and wait in cold to grab Pyeongchang Jacket
Hanwha chiefs son makes public apology for drunken rampage
Heroic high school students given surprise gift of fried chickens
Two former spy heads arrested for illegal payment to presidential office
Students express frustration over delayed college entrance exam
Quake leaves 57 people injured, no severe damage to industrial facilities
S. Koreas southeaster region hit by 5.5-magnitude earthquake
Former spy chief arrested for diverting official expenses into political campaign
Moon proposes joint community with Southeast Asian countries: Yonhap
Two British graffiti  gang members jailed for vandalizing S. Korean subway train
No hidden agenda behind shrimp for Trump: foreign ministry
Justice ministry boasts of electronic location-tracking device for ex-convict
Unconscious man saved by commuting firefighters and nurse aboard subway train
[FOCUS] Shrimp fuels prolonged diplomatic row between Seoul and Tokyo
Science minister pledges strong steps to strengthen IP camera security
S. Korea earmarks $2.7 bln for temporary minimum wage subsidies