South Korea
Feral dogs go on rampage in midnight Seoul
Parcel bomb attacker admits copycat crime of Russian subway bombing
Bunge jump manager given suspended jail sentence for negligence
Thai eggs set to arrive in S. Korea amid consumer concern about high egg price
Misfired homemade bomb brings out anti-terror commandos to college campus
Two Joseon dynasty royal seals to return home from US: Yonhap
Korea Air plane makes emergency landing in Japan due to smoke in cockpit
 S. Koreas oldest nuclear reactor faces permanent shutdown this month
Ex-health minister given prison sentence for helping Samsung merger
School girl sets apartment building on fire during eyelash makeup
Daughter of late businessman and operator of Sewol ferry denies any wrongdoing
S. Korea puts off deployment of additional THAAD launchers
Indebted Samsung employee arrested for stealing thousands of phones
Deputy defense minister accused of playing key role in THAAD scandal
Chairman of major fried chicken franchise faces suit as sexual molester
Schizophrenics midnight excavator rampage tears village apart
 China calls fatal bus fire inside tunnel act of arson: Yonhap
Mom holds onto suicidal daughter from balcony window for 15 minutes
Yellow toxic cloud shrouds port city of Busan
US senator says THAAD installed transparently in S. Korea: Yonhap