South Korea
THAAD radar can cover up to 620 miles: U.S. military magazine
No S. Koreans killed in Las Vegas shooting: Yonhap
Ten Koreans unaccounted for after shooting rampage in Las Vegas: Yonhap
Moon broadcasts traffic conditions for drivers: Yonhap
Jejus iconic tourists street to be renamed due to Chinese tourists travel ban
KTX bullet train attendants strike over pay: Yonhap
Foreign ministry unveils road map to tackle closed, male-dominated organization: Yonhap
Asiana pilots face investigation for cockpit squabble during flight to Rome
Oops! Pyeongchang forgot to insert Japan in its website map
Expressway service stations to provide free Wi-Fi during long holiday break
Thousands watch a live streamer removing cockroaches from PlayStaion 4
Toilet use allowed during civil-service exams first time in S. Korea
Top bakery chain under pressure to recruit thousands of outsourced workers
Michelin Guides new Seoul version to be published next month
Teen-aged girls get harsh penalties for brutal killing of 8-year-old
Public opinion split over proposed shutdown of two nuclear reactors
Army general arrested in probe into human rights violation at his residence
S. Korea First Lady delivers taste of home to old immigrants in New York
Vice president of S. Korea aircraft manufacturer found hanging himself
Talks between S. Korean and Chinese army chiefs on close watch