South Korea
S. Korea uses digital payment more frequently to offer condolence money amid pandemic
Couple ordered to pay compensation for causing retaliatory noise in apartment
Electric quarantine vehicle introduced in Seoul for indoor disinfection
S. Korea unveils practical goal to vaccinate 70% of population
​Trade minister Yoo regards WTO director-general as last chance of public career
S. Korea digitalizes pothole management for quick monitoring and repair
Provincial city retrieves used batteries for recycling thru trade-in campaign
​S. Koreas provincial government to adopt IoT-based automated flood control system
Seoul opens online discussion about ordinance about childrens rights to play
More Seoul citizens use public bicycle service to minimize risk of COVID-19 infection: data
    S. Korea discovers three new coronavirus strains from visitors from Pakistan and Uzbekistan
Education ministry starts preaching know-how of operating online classes
COVID-19 pandemic boosts online sales of Korean rice beer
COVID-19 prompts middle-aged S. Koreans to learn how to watch Netflix and shop online
[FOCUS] Unresolved dispute over solid recovered fuel power plant in S. Korea
Researchers recommend over 90 cm tall protective screen to block droplets
   New genetic reference material increases accuracy of COVID-19 diagnostic kits.
Public debate on spent fuel from nuclear power plants begins after months of standstill
Only one found to have developed COVID-19 antibodies in S. Korea
Debate erupts over website exposing personal background of criminals