South Korea
[FOCUS] Unresolved dispute over solid recovered fuel power plant in S. Korea
Researchers recommend over 90 cm tall protective screen to block droplets
   New genetic reference material increases accuracy of COVID-19 diagnostic kits.
Public debate on spent fuel from nuclear power plants begins after months of standstill
Only one found to have developed COVID-19 antibodies in S. Korea
Debate erupts over website exposing personal background of criminals
​​Fried chicken and beer banned on beach to prevent COVID-19
Doctors association wants enhanced social distancing to prevent infections in large cities
Man receives suspended jail sentence for peeping into random IP camera footage
Antiviral drug remdesivir available in S. Korea to treat COVID-19 patients
Doctors regard remote patient management system as effective in COVID-19 treatment
Seoul City to release food delivery app with lower commission
Three rapid diagnostic kits approved in S. Korea for emergency use
Researchers regard feces as promising and reliable source for detecting COVID-19 infection
S. Korea advises not to wear COVID-19 masks while social distancing outdoors to prevent heatstroke
Incheon City opens dog care centers for COVID-19 patients
Temporary treatment centers in Seoul area to cope with growing number of COVID-19 patients
COVID-19 runs ahead in cat-and-mouse game with quarantine authorities: official
Busan city buses introduce high-efficiency particulate air filters
12 krill oil products taken off shelf for containing harmful substances