South Korea
President Park sends congratulatory message to Trump
Trumps victory heightens policy uncertainty for S. Korea: Yonhap
Opposition parties join force for full-scale offensive against President Park
S. Korea coastguard allowed to use firearms more aggressively
President Park agrees to appoint premier recommended by parliament
[UPDATES] President Park resumes public activities to visit parliament
President Park ends self-imposed confinement to visit parliament
Pentagon wants quick THAAD deployment in S. Korea: Yonhap
Prosecutors raid Samsung headquarters over illicit corporate donations
Opposition leader threatens anti-government campaign for Parks resignation
Tens of thousands protest in S. Korea, demands president quit over scandal
Forensic experts blame stun grenades for igniting inflammable materials
[UPDATES] Park ready to face probe by prosecutors or independent counsel
President Park says ready to face investigation by prosecutors
Another ex-presidential aide detained for leaking classified information
President Park set to make speech about her future and scandal
Prosecution question Samsung executive over Choi scandal: Yonhap
New premier appeals for public support to put state affairs into shape
President Park calls in former opposition heavyweight as chief aide