South Korea
Parks old friend returns home as prosecutors raid homes of presidential aides
Choi Soon-sil, President Park’s crony, returns to S. Korea
President Park lost in thought, suspends public activities
Presidents crony acknowledges involvement in editing speeches
President Parks job approval rating falls to record low 17.5%
Prosecutors move to find evidence in probe into corruption scandal
S. Korea president apologizes over scandal involving former aide
[UPDATES] S. Korean president proposes constitutional revision
S. Korea, US to consider deploying US strategic assets: Yonhap
Seoul and Washington agree to launch high-level security dialogue: Yonhap
Prosecutors end probe into Lotte with indictment of ruling family
[FOCUS] First anti-graft case thrown into spotlight
Actor Uhm accused of buying sex at massage parlor
Ten passengers burned to death in expressaway traffic accident
Cargo delivery disrupted by striking truck drivers and railway workers
[UPDATES] Typhoon Chaba leaves at least six dead or missing in South Korea
THAAD battery from Texas to be deployed in South Korea: Yonhap