South Korea
Ex-presidents crony given three-year sentence in first case
Prosecutors fail to secure arrest warrant for ex-presidents jailed crony
Widespread support to mothers petition for teenagers severe punishment
China urges S. Korea to protect shared interests: Yonhap
[PHOTO] Drought causes massive death in river
Court opens second hearings on arrest of daughter of ex-president crony
[PHOTO] Pray for rain
Mentally-ill man shot dead by police stun gun first time in S. Korea
President Moons government scraps performance-based incentive wage system
Prosecutors demand four-year jail term for former diplomat in Chile
Feral dogs go on rampage in midnight Seoul
Parcel bomb attacker admits copycat crime of Russian subway bombing
Bunge jump manager given suspended jail sentence for negligence
Thai eggs set to arrive in S. Korea amid consumer concern about high egg price
Misfired homemade bomb brings out anti-terror commandos to college campus
Two Joseon dynasty royal seals to return home from US: Yonhap
Korea Air plane makes emergency landing in Japan due to smoke in cockpit
 S. Koreas oldest nuclear reactor faces permanent shutdown this month
Ex-health minister given prison sentence for helping Samsung merger
School girl sets apartment building on fire during eyelash makeup