South Korea
Some 40 people sustain minor injuries in S. Koreas earthquake
U.S. vice president highlights brutality of N. Korean dictatorship
Moon urges Chinas active role in pushing for inter-Korean rapprochement
Release of Samsungs virtual head sparks contrasted reaction
Appeals court releases Samsungs virtual head with suspended jail sentence
 Female pro-democracy activist appointed to probe sexual harassment in justice ministry
Prosecutors demand death for father accused of killing daughters schoolmate
S. Korea proposes Olympic visa waiver for tourists from China and Southeast Asia
S. Korea proposes nationwide safety check-up of public facilities
At least 37 people killed in fire at hospital for long-stay senior patients
S. Korea seeks new legislation to ban coffee at schools
State watchdog to see if xylitol is effective against tooth bugs
Hyosung group chairman indicted for alleged business irregularities
Napoleons famous hat on display at S. Korean festival in May
Former culture minister thrown back into prison over political blacklist
S. Korea warns of WTO petition against U.S. safeguard measures
President Moon voices anger at defiant remarks by his predecessor
S. Koreas main gateway opens up new luxurious passenger terminal
Conservative ex-president Lee Myung-bak slams political retaliation
Hyosung group chairman grilled over business irregularities