South Korea
Noise complaint between apartment neighbors turns into fist fight
[PHOTO] Survival swimming lesson
Conservative presidential candidate under fire over aphrodisiac powder
Presidential Blue House faces possible relocation by next government
Firefighter foils girls suicide with powerful flying kick in high-rise apartment
Debt-stricken man arrested for rare armed bank robbery in S. Korea
Cat duo turns out to be responsible for damaging presidential election posters
[PHOTO] To the rescue!
Two elderly criminal buddies arrested for pickpocketing
[UPDATES] Masked gunman carrying money sack on bicycle run after bank job
First stage of coinless society put to test run this week in S. Korea
[PHOTO] Run for cover!
Doped up man found stuck in 11th-floor apartment ventilation passage
Prosecutors indict jailed ex-president for bribery and other charges
Police set to find whereabouts of 13 missing students
Traces of limping Cretaceous dinosaur found in footprint fossil heaven
Three-year-old beaten to death by dog-worshiping religious group
Watchdog wants army chiefs resignation over illegal probe into gay soldiers
Soaker receives suspended sentence for in-flight commotion
Hand sanitizer products become S. Koreas most used cosmetics