[UPDATES] Three South Koreans shot to death in Philippines
US does not oppose Asian allies to build better ties with China: Yonhap
Washington probes more Chinese firms for deals with Pyongyang: Yonhap
Competition between Korea, China intensifies in ASEAN: Yonhap
White House official says Seoul needs no A-bombs: Yonhap
​Russel says SLBM requires urgent talks at regional summit: Yonhap
Korea will be key topic for Obamas talks with Xi: Yonhap
Obama to visit China amid tension over THAAD, South China Sea: Yonhap
US army chief rejects Chinese protest over missile shield: Yonhap
Trump slams FTA for killing American jobs: Yonhap
South Korea to participate in Thai anti-flooding project
LG chosen as official TVs for US political conventions: Yonhap
Trump wants to reevaluate trade, defense agreements: Yonhap
US supports South China Sea ruling as final: Yonhap
Five-year sentence sought for Yasukuni bombing: Yonhap
[FOCUS] Northeast Asia caught in diplomatic tussle over THAAD
US sanctions on Kim over human rights abuses: Yonhap
Artificial fishing banks to be placed near inter-Korean border
Pyongyang sold fishing license to China for $30 mlnl: NIS
Xi urges caution on US missile defense in South Korea: Yonhap