Airbnb host who canceled reservation because guest was Asian fined $5,000
American tourist killed in Greece over a selfie with a waitress
Beachgoers make human chain to save a family from drowning in Florida
3-month-old injured Puppy found in airport with Heartbreaking note
Just lie down and scream if you get stung by this bug, Experts say
Vandalism on Californian couple as many Californian transplants drove up Real Estate price
1,800-year-old ruins accidently discovered during subway construction in Rome
Aztec tower of skulls unearthed in Mexico, shocking scholars with its secrets
Superstitious grandma throws coins into jet engine delaying flight
Cop pulls over speeding car and finds Alien in passenger seat
Mother leaves her young sons at home to plan wedding in Paris
Former Beauty Queen set on Fire by Ex-boyfriend dies and Ohio Senate passes a bill in honor of her
Body parts found in Hayward Warehouse related to missing Uber Driver
Miranda Kerr surrenders $8.1 million worth jewelry ex-boyfriend gifted with government money
Artist Salvador Dalis body ordered to be exhumed for Paternity Test
Rich kid and Homeless activist join hands to begin Sharing-Wealth Movement
Six inmates got sentences reduced for saving guards life
Dad bikes 14,000 miles to listen to his late daughters heart beat one last time
Former US Special Agent arrested for handing top-secret documents to China
AirAsia X pilot landed safely after loud bang and violent shaking