Tennessee man arrested when found with 900 rounds of ammo after Las Vegas Shooting
Virginia grandmother smuggles drugs to jail for her grandson
Marine vet criticizes gun fanatic King of Instagram who ran away amid Las Vegas shooting
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Playboy founder Hugh Hefner dies at 91 and gets buried next to Marilyn Monroe
Saudi Arabia will allow women to start driving for the first time
Girl waits for owner an hour after accidently scratching luxury car and gets unexpected present
Four-year-old girl accidentally kills herself while looking for candy in her grandma’s purse
Childs baptism turns into tragedy when struck by earthquake
Woman wielding gun and machete at Kardashian store arrested
Therapy dog killed by a hunter in front of owner
Arkansas teacher charged for having sexual relationship with four students
Richest woman in the world, L’Oreal Heiress passed away at 94
Oklahoma deaf man shot dead by police as neighbors yelled He cant hear you
Former Russian military officer who saved the world from nuclear war died at 77
Jogger aka Mad Pooper repeatedly defecate at a residence in Colorado
Over $85K raised for Hot Dog vendor who had his money taken away by police
Canadian woman unknowingly drive with a coyote stuck in her car
UK Woman steals $18K from her fiancé and runs away
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