Homeless man sleeps outside of animal shelter to find his dog
Birth mother reunited with 16-year-old daughter then tortured, killed, and burned her remains
Amazon opens first bookstore in the Bay Area, California
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DNA from headless torso matches missing Swedish journalist Kim Wall
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Wealthy UK parents looking for live-in Nany and willing to pay $128,000 a year
Wife was demanded a divorce because she gained weight after giving birth
10-year-old rape victim in India gives birth after abortion denied
Man who murdered couple and ate their faces dodged death penalty
Heroic off-duty policewoman single-handedly shoots 4 ISIS terrorists down in Spain
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Chinese woman tried to ship her newborn in plastic bag to orphanage
Sorry, White Nationalists. You are not welcome on Facebook
Wife stabs husbands head when he said he wants mistress
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Hot Water Challenge inspired by YouTube videos killed one kid and injured two