Hanwha Systems works with antenna manufacturer to develop on-the-move satellite communication terminals
LIG Nex1 delivers new military radio sets for simultaneous data transmission and voice communication at the same time
S. Koreas military formalizes project to develop light aircraft carrier
Hyundai shipyard starts building new Aegis destroyer for delivery in 2024
S. Korea pushes ahead with quick development of advanced long-range radar system
S. Korea works on technologies to track military satellites with laser
All S. Korean infantry units backed by well-equipped teams of designated marksmen
S. Korea completes development of wheel-type command post vehicle
S. Korea pushes for localization of X-band monolithic microwave integrated circuit based on gallium nitride
Hyundai Rotem selected to develop technologies for remote operation of unmanned tanks
Unmanned underwater mine disposal system deployed for naval operations
Daewoo shipyard selected for military project to develop technology for electric warship
S. Korean front-line iron fences to be reinforced with unmanned monitoring device
S. Koreas Hanwha group signs joint defense research agreement with US military
Defense agency develops mine detector capable of detecting N. Korean wooden-box land mine
Home-made light attack chopper passed fit for combat in provisional evaluation results
[FOCUS] Home-made helicopter developer frowns at Bells bid to sell AH-1Z Viper for Marines
LIG Nex1 selected to develop self-driving underwater mine detector for naval operations
Hanwha Systems selected for military project to test smartphone-based personal surveillance system
S. Korean military introduces three types of attack drones for a pilot operation