Brain control helps paralyzed man walk again

Park Sae-jin Reporter() | Posted : October 7, 2015, 16:48 | Updated : October 7, 2015, 16:48
A man who was paralyzed from the waist down has become the first such case to walk using only his own brain power.

The 26-year-old American was confined to a wheelchair after a motorbike accident five years ago. Using a computer system developed by researchers from the University of California, he was able to walk about 12 feet (3.66 meters).

The system works as it reroutes signals from his brain to electrodes on his knees. He uses a walker and wears a harness to provide some body-weight support and prevent him from falling.

Dr. An Do, who led the study, said that even after years of paralysis, the brain can still generate robust brain waves that can be harnessed to enable basic walking.

It is world's first such experiment in which scientists used non-invasive direct brain control system to get a person, with complete paralysis in both legs owing to spinal cord injury, to walk again, researchers said.

By Ruchi Singh
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