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[AJU VIDEO] Immersing in the Beauty of Linz, Austria

By KwakMin-jung Posted : July 22, 2017, 18:08 Updated : July 22, 2017, 18:08

A beautiful city nestled by Danube River is the center of culture and arts. [Courtesy of Kwak, Min Jung / AJU Business Daily]

Linz is the capital of Upper Austria that is nestled by beautiful Danube River. For centuries, the river brought the city prosperity. Now it has the largest industrial steel mill in the country that helped the cute town to be one of the strong economic centers. 

The city has not been known as much as other cities like Vienna and Salzburg, but it is actually the center of culture and music. Linz won the title of European Capital of Culture in 2009. Also, it is known as the birth-city of famous composer Anton Bruckner. 

People in Linz do not like to talk about it, but Adolf Hitler spent most of his youth in this picturesque city that has rich history and culture. 

When you visit Linz, don't forget to check out its Hauptplatz, a city center, that was first built in the 13th century. In the center of the square, Trinity Column is standing solemnly to commemorate people who died in the plague epidemic. 

Another famous thing from Linz is Linzer Torte, a rich and buttery pastry with ground nuts and fruit preserves. Linzer Torte is the oldest cake recipe in the world that dates back to 1653. 

Spend at least one full day to experience Linz but to truly immerse in its beauty and history, try to stay two days. 

There are many historic hotels and inns to lodge in around Hauptplatz. Family owned inn, Gasthof Goldener Anker, dates back to 1670.

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