Cancer-stricken actor Kim Woo-bin not ready to return to big screen

Park Sae-jin Reporter() | Posted : January 9, 2019, 17:29 | Updated : January 9, 2019, 17:29

[Courtesy of Sidus HQ]

SEOUL -- Actor Kim Woo-bin, who has received drug and radiation treatment for a rare type cancer affecting the upper part of his throat, has been recovering well, but he has no imminent plans to return to the acting scene, his agency said Wednesday.

"Although Kim's condition has improved, he has no plans to resume his career yet," Sidus HQ said in a statement following media reports that the actor has received love calls from South Korea's film industry.

Kim had led Hallyu (Korean cultural wave) in Asian countries in 2015 for starring in "Uncontrollably Fond", a hit TV drama, with popular singer-actress Suzy. He suspended all activities after he was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer in May 2017.
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