Hana Financial aims to complete AI-based digital transition by 2022

Lim Chang-won Reporter() | Posted : April 17, 2020, 12:42 | Updated : April 17, 2020, 12:42

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SEOUL -- Through the precise analysis of data to develop algorithms and upgraded personalization services, Hana Financial Investment aims to present a new paradigm to South Korea's financial investment industry by completing a digital transition based on artificial intelligence by 2022.

Affiliated with Hana, the third-largest financial group in South Korea by market capitalization, Hana Financial Investment provides brokerage, securities dealing, underwriting, mutual funds, and online trading services.

"Hana is the first financial group to clearly present its digital vision," Choi Il-yong, head of Hana Financial Investment's digital division, said in an interview with Aju Business Daily. "The vision of Hana Financial Group is a data-based information company that presents the best user experience."

"This year, we are increasing our digital investor base in line with the spread of the untact culture," Choi said, adding Hana would focus on growing around non-face-to-face channels that will strengthen user experience and simplify processes with an agile system that moves along projects. "We will also increase investor base by linking them with Hana Members, an integrated application for Hana Financial Group."

All functions including digital strategy, data analysis, user experience, planning, design and digital marketing are organized to collaborate organically, Choi said, vowing to develop personalized services based on data analysis. "We're steadily building up data that we've missed in the past," he said

"The biggest benefit of digital transformation is that you can read data. In other words, we can read what investors want and worry about," Choi said. As mobile trading systems are pushing out home trading systems that use PCs, Hana has rolled out a simple trading application that can be used in all operating systems.

"We will upgrade our personalization service based on data analysis so that even beginners of stock investment can easily access it," Choi said. "We are strengthening our non-face-to-face channels and content to order customized products."

Hana has reorganized the process of opening non-face-to-face accounts, focusing on investor convenience. Customers who create non-face-to-face accounts in a mobile environment do not have to install an account opening application or a mobile trading system.

Choi reduced the process of opening accounts, added a convenient installation function and enhanced investor understanding with a concise user environment and the easy use of financial terms. Mobile users can open accounts quickly and conveniently without installing apps.

"By reorganizing the process of opening non-face-to-face accounts, practical one-stop financial transactions have been completed. The improved procedures and environment will also help investors who are new to financial products," Choi said. 
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