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LG and Seoul National University open joint research center for core hyperscale AI multimodal technologies

By Park Sae-jin Posted : April 26, 2022, 16:52 Updated : April 26, 2022, 16:52

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SEOUL -- The research center operated by South Korea's LG Group and Seoul National University has opened a joint artificial intelligence research center to accelerate their study on hyperscale multimodal AI systems.
A multimodal AI system uses special processing algorithms to learn and understand connections between various types of data including texts, voices, images, and other numerical data. The AI system can also mimic the way humans think to understand surroundings using multiple sources.
LG AI Research Center and Seoul National University (SNU) have jointly opened "SNU-LG AI Research Center" to research hyperscale multimodal AI capable of creating a three-dimensional body inside a virtual space and processing two-dimensional data such as texts and images. "Through this joint research center, we have laid a foundation for the research of commercial hyperscale AI technologies," SNU professor Choi Hae-cheon said in a statement on April 26.
The joint AI research center will focus on eight core AI technology projects including the development of an AI system capable of studying the language system of humans and answering questions based on self-taught data, a multimodal AI system capable of understanding emotion-based information as well as linguistic and image data, and an AI algorithm that will not learn biased information based on the race, age, and gender of people.
LG's AI research center has unveiled "EXAONE," a hyperscale AI, in December 2021. The lab also launched an alliance called "Expert AI Alliances" with Google and other companies to create an ecosystem for hyperscale AI that can mimic the ways humans think. The Expert AI Alliances groups 13 founding members -- LG AI Research, Google, Elsevier, Shutterstock, VA Corporation, EBS, Woori Bank, two South Korean university hospitals, and four LG Group units.

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