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Debut of BTS agencys new girl group set for 2021 after global audition
SKT partners with Microsoft to test 5G-based cloud gaming service
LG Chem partners with UDC to co-develop new OLED luminescent layer
Aekyung mentioned among three preliminary bidders for Asiana
​Naver refutes privacy violation in collecting data from AI speakers
Researchers synthesize wearable sensing fibers cable of detecting nitrogen dioxide
​LG to release super high-definition 8K OLED TV model in U.S. and Europe
Hyundai Motors militant union gets rare praise for strike-free wage deal
Cosmetics company develops anti-aging microbiome cosmetics
Nuclear watchdog finds no unusual uranium concentration from seawater near inter-Korean maritime border
Rapper Amber says farewell to f(x) and fans through handwritten letter
British and Korean researchers work together to develop nuclear battery for space exploration
LG Display completes localization test of home-made etching gas
SK Group integrates medical production affiliates into new U.S.-based entity
Hotel booking service Yanolja partners with Hyundais financial wing to develop mobility service
Romance film Tune In For Love tops S. Korean box-office
Daewoong claims to have scored initial victory in botox patent war with domestic rival
Kakao reveals plans to develop AI capable of smooth dialogue interactions
Fans cheer Kangnam and speedskating champion Lee Sang-hwa on their marriage
SK Innovation to sue LG units in U.S. court for battery patent infringement